How a smoking bong works? 0
    How a smoking bong works?

    How does a smoking bong work?

    Bongo is a simple device that was constructed thousands of years ago. Its main task is to deliver cold and filtered smoke to the lungs. What is a bongo used for?

    Bongo is used primarily for marijuana and herbs, less often for other drugs such as methamphetamine. As I wrote before, the operation of the bong is simple and you do not need any knowledge to use a classic hookah. Everything goes to logic. So let's get down to the specifics


    How does a bongo work?

    The bongo is a glass tube that, at first glance, may look a bit like a twisted vase. Bongo can be straight or curved, with or without additional filtration. It all depends on your preferences, because there are an infinite number of models. The operation of the bong is simple, the bong has a bowl, a water jug and a mouthpiece. Just like here:


    Structure of the bong, bongos mouthpiece, bongo filtration, bongo tube, bowl. 

    Pour water into the jug, preferably to the level of the clutch (if your bong has a clutch), if not, try to pour water so as not to submerge the entire bowl, it is important that the first 2-3 cm of the stem are flooded. You put the drought into the bowl and set it on fire. There is no philosophy here. You pull yourself and it's ready.

    Does the bong work without a clutch? Yes - there are bongos without a clutch, they differ in that the smoke goes directly to the lungs and only pulling the bowl causes the so-called "Turbo", and in a bongos with a clutch you do not need to pull out the bowl, you just need to reveal the finger on the clutch.

    What if the bong is without a bowl? All that's left is to make your bowl or buy a new one, unfortunately there is no other option. The bowl is a very important artifact of every bong. Well, bongs without a bowl are not sold, so don't worry.  


    Oak and oil bong

    As a rule, you probably used a bong for dried herbs and herbs, maybe you haven't even heard that there are bongs for oak and oils. In fact, any bong can be turned into a dab bong, all you need to do is get the right bowl adapter and a nail. The nail should be heated to high temperature. When you warm it up, just wait a minute and apply a special tool to the oak.

    In Poland, there is no name for it, but it is a pen that is used to put wax on a hot nail and plug it with the other end to get the largest possible cloud. Wax is a strong concentrate, just a little bit to feel an amazing high. The water droplet size is already for advanced smokers, so it's easy to calculate how strong the dab is. On our website you will find dab bongs. Dab bongs, as I wrote earlier, do not differ from those typical for drought, so they have various filtrations, sizes and so on ...

    -> Check out our legal CBD waxes.

    Below is a photo of the dab bowl:

    Saucer bowl for dabs, for bongs oak.


    Vaporizer bong

    The bong can be combined with a vaporizer, does it give anything? Yes of course. Any filtration is good, even if we deliver steam to the body instead of smoke. Bongo will make the cloud cooler and even tastier. A vaporizer bong is one of the better options. By inhaling directly from the vaporizer, you won't be able to get as big a cloud out of it as when you connect the vaporizer to a bong. In any case, a bong and a vaporizer are the best combination and healthier!


    How to make smoking from a bong easier

    Exactly, because there are a few tips that will make smoking and taking care of the bongos even easier. Strainers will go first. Bong without a strainer or with a strainer? It's all up to you, but I prefer to use bong strainers. The bong strainer will make sure that no crumbs from the buds get inside, which is very possible when pulling, besides, bongos strainers are not expensive, and the bowl will certainly be cleaner when smoking with a strainer than without a strainer.

    -> Our bongos strainers can be found here.

    The second thing that can contribute to the quality of your bong smoking and keeping it clean is use 420 RezBlock. It is enough to add the RezBlock cap to the water in the bongos to be satisfied with clean water after the session and additional fruit flavor. RezBlock cleans the water in the bong without leaving a trace of the so-called rezin, or black sediment.

    Another way to get better bong smoking is to buy a bongos with extra filtration. Filtration will contribute to the quality of the smoke that enters your lungs. First of all, they will cool it down and make it less tar, when it comes to a bong with diffusers, a diffuser is the same as filtration. There are also bongs that have a place for ice, a bong with ice is a great option for hot days, why? Imagine the hot sun, the beach and the desire for something cool, nothing will cool the mind and body like a cool balloon, and a place for ice in the bongos will definitely help.

    -> The largest selection of filtration bongos in Poland.

    Have you heard about the bongo-mask? Bongo with a mask is becoming quite popular, especially since it is a really cool party gadget, even a fancy dress. Suppose you buy a black panther mask that you can attach a bongo to, huh? You dress up as a Black Panther, put on a mask, put a bong in your backpack, are at a party and suddenly pull out a bong and attach it to the mask. Friends will surely be shocked and envy your gadget. What's the best? The fact that you do not have to limit yourself, because with us you can buy a bongo with a Predator mask, Star Wars warriors or a jet pilot. You can have fun with this set!


    How bongs work, you already know what to do to make bongs cleaner, you also know. If I have forgotten something, I will gladly accept criticism. I hope you liked the post and you will leave here happy with an extra dose of knowledge. Bongo with you my friend! Or else, bang with you!

    How a smoking bong works?

    How a smoking bong works?

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