What's better? Bongo, joint, hookah, bucket, vaporizer or blant? 0
    What's better? Bongo, joint, hookah, bucket, vaporizer or blant?

    What's better? Bongo, joint, hookah, bucket, vaporizer or blant?

    You have probably wondered more than once why someone recommends a bongo to you and whether it is really only because there is "more smoke" after it. Later, you meet a friend and he tells you that the bongo is a piece of cake to the vaporizer, but from a distance you can hear the man's voice shouting that joints are above all else.

    Suddenly, Filip from Hemp pops up and denies everything, saying that no one has ever tried a bucket in his life, and no one mentions a blank, because everyone thinks it's a joint. What about the shisha? Someone is enjoying the taste of strawberries in cream mixed with exotic fruit dipped in sour lemon sauce at a nearby bar. And this is more or less what it looks like, but what is it really like?

    Let me start briefly with what is better, what according to my knowledge and education, which has been going on for a good few years.

    So: A bucket is worse than a bong, a bong is better than a joint but worse than a vaporizer, and shisha is a whole different story because tobacco is used less and less, not to mention herbs. And now the specifics.

    Which is better to choose, a bongo or a joint?

    Bongo is not always chosen only because it has filtration, which means that less tar enters the body. The much more "important" reason is the power of its action. A bongo works harder than a joint. Firstly, it allows you to inhale more smoke, and secondly, it cools the smoke and makes it less irritating to the lungs. What else is a bongo better than a joint in?

    You don't have to limit yourself, you can choose a bigger bowl, bigger bong, smaller, more filtration, less filtration. The type of material the bongos are made of, and so on. Each bong will burn differently, you can choose a bong, e.g. small 20 cm, and believe that it will be different than from the same bong but with e.g. inline filtration. The smoke will be cooler and softer. The same is true for large bongos.

    With a joint, a short ball, good tickets and the only thing is the possibility of making a one-meter joint, but who will sleep it in one evening. The joint gives more tar into the body, and in the case of a blunt, a blunt is very similar to a joint. For blunts you just use other tissue paper, or rather wraps - less and less tobacco, replaced by hemp, better for health, but still not glass, well, glass. You know the theory that Cola doesn't taste the same from a can, plastic or glass? Glass is just better, here we have some similarity because glass smoke tastes so much better, at least to mine. It is probably also due to the fact that during filtration, some aromas remain in the water and you get a packet of the best flavors in your lungs. Some people might like joint smoke, why not, tastes are not discussed.

    What's better? Bongo or blunt? 

    As before, blant is still not bongos, although it may taste quite different from a joint, especially since real wraps are made from hemp leaves. I still keep mine and will recommend the bongo, even to the blunt fanatic.

    Bongo or bucket?

    At first glance, for a layman, the bucket does not have to differ from a bong, only in appearance. Here and here water is needed for everything to function properly. However, there is one big difference, the water in the bongos is there to filter the smoke and in the bucket to create pressure to build up a massive cloud of smoke. It is quite a large injection of tar for the lungs, often the cough after such a puff will not go down for several minutes. And a bucket is less healthy than a bong. Making a bucket is not that difficult at all, there is one way for it that has lasted many, many years. By the way, I wonder who came up with the bucket, right?

    A bucket also requires a pipe, which will act as a bowl, since we're at the barrel, is it worth answering the question, bongo or pipe? Of course it's a bongo. Lufka is a "quick joint". It does not differ in anything, it provides "as much bad as good". However, if you want to reduce smoke toxicity at least a little, invest in hemp paper which prevents you from inhaling lighter gas into your lungs.

    There is one more way to clean the smoke of the toxins in the barrel. You can use activated carbon filters and stick them in a barrel, they are more commonly applied to a joint, but this does not prevent you from using them in a barrel.

    Bongo or shisha? What's the difference between a bong and a shisha?

    Shisha is much more dangerous to health than bongo, joint, pipe, why? Bongo burns tobacco, herbs etc. It is different with shisha because shisha causes the tobacco to burn. Roasting tobacco produces 100 to 200 more tar. If tobacco produces so much more tar, so is the case with herbs and hemp. So I advise against smoking shisha, at some point similar restrictions were to be imposed on the shisha as in the case of cigarettes. Shisha is less and less used to smoke tobacco and herbs, so many alternatives have emerged that it is better to choose something healthier. Especially since in these times it is difficult to deny that there is no choice.

    Bongo or vaporizer?

    Vaporizers have built themselves a high position on the herbal and dried hemp market for a relatively short time. Why? The very first vaporizers were considered the healthiest alternative to smoking. Why an alternative and not a method? Since vaporization is not smoking, it's VAPORIZATION. I know it doesn't sound like that, but the point is, when you vaporize, you don't produce any tar that is very toxic to your body.

    During vaporization, vapor is generated, which is much healthier for the user. In this case, it must be said directly that a bong is worse than a vaporizer. However, there is a way that allows you to use a bong while vaporizing. Some vaporizers, and all of them, can be connected to a bong after proper preparation and the smoke will be additionally filtered.Not every vaporizer has adapters, but making such an adapter yourself is not a problem. All you need is a cork, a gasket and a well-mounted bong-grinding vaporizer. What exactly does the combination of a bongos and a vaporizer do? An even healthier cloud! Anyway, when it comes to using it separately, I definitely recommend a vaporizer, it's better than a bong.


    Hopefully after this article you will be able to choose the right smoking method for you. As you can see, bongo wins with the majority of votes, but vaporization wins over bong. Which method you choose depends only on you, I do not want to impose anything, but I am able to convince you of the healthiest way to deliver puffs to your lungs and it is 100% vaporization. However, if you are choosing and wondering what is better, a bongo or a joint, choose a bong, if you want to choose between a bong and a pipe, choose a bong as well, in all situations choose a bong, and if you have a bongo and a vaporizer, vaporize through the bongo!


    What's better? Bongo, joint, hookah, bucket, vaporizer or blant?

    What's better? Bongo, joint, hookah, bucket, vaporizer or blant?

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