Bubbler pipe is a unique mini bong, which with its simple structure, is to replace a bong and a hand bowl pipe in one. That is a compromise for people who have no place for a bong but want to use water filtration. Users most often choose bubblers due to their various shapes, clean hits, low price, and, above all, a compromise between a bong and a hand pipe. This is what makes them easy to transport.

Learn more about what it is and how to choose a bubbler here.

The bubbler has water filtration like in a bong, but its most significant advantage is the compactness of the glass bowl pipe. Exactly. You can also use the bubbler like you use a dry pipe. Just don't put water in it. In our smoking accessories store, you will find mini bongs, borosilicate glass bubblers, and silicone bubblers.

Most bubblers have a stem built into them, as do most bowl pipes. Therefore, they are often called a glass smoking pipe with a percolator. It is worth paying attention to if you are thinking of buying a vaporizer or additional filtration. The advantage of this solution is the inability to break the bowl.
Smoking with a bubbler is a unique method of consuming legal herbs, especially for novices.

Many people think that a bubbler is the same as a glass bong. A variety of shapes, unique structure, and a set of other, unavailable to the bong benefits of smoking these water pipes, however, allow them to differ from glass bongs.

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