Although these bongs are not so popular in Poland yet, their fame is inexorably approaching our country from the eastern parts. It's just quiet about these bongs because a lot of people don't really know how they work.

Recycler bongs owe their name primarily to the fact that the water in them is in constant motion. What does it do? The constant movement of the water keeps the smoke cooler and more filtered. By the time it enters the lungs, it is smooth. Recycler bongs are distinguished primarily by their construction. They have a number of tunnels through which smoke and water flows, additionally they always have additional filtration.

The bongs of the hookahs from our offer are easy to keep clean, and the mechanism of their operation is simple. They are less complicated than the Shisha. Bongo can be taken on a trip or to a social event. We offer Bongo water pipe from a bottle, Glass Bong , Acrylic and glass ice bongs. You will find bongs that are 30 cm, but also bongs that are 100 cm. It is a perfect gift for tobacco lovers. The acrylic bong pipe is the most durable model that will surely serve for many years.

Examples of models offered by our bong store: „Grace Glass”, „Chongz”, „Dope Bros”, glass models „Amsterdam Mini”. Individual products differ in the shape of the mouthpiece, tube, bowl and jug. More advanced bongs are equipped with a filtration and cooling system, e.g. a bong with double filtration or triple filtration, and special narrowings that allow you to throw ice. Which bong should you choose? The online store provides low prices and high quality of the products offered.

If you want to buy a good and inexpensive water bong, check out our offer!

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