Fenix ??Mini Vaporizer

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Fenix ??Mini Vaporizer

If you would like to learn more about Fenix, I have included a link to the video review at the bottom, and here you can click to read it.

There are so many models and variants of vaporizers on the market that it's hard to decide on the only one. When looking for the perfect vaporizer for yourself, we would definitely like to find one that will be incredibly practical and effective without costing much. Is it just a dream of a decapitated head and an insatiable fantasy? Well no. F enix mini portable vaporizer is real and throws you with its low price and great parameters. This small vaporizer will provide you with a whole lot of thick, cool and, above all, tasty vapor that will delight even demanding vaporization enthusiasts. On the surface, it's obviously quite inconspicuous, but that's what it's all about. The subdued design will not attract the curious eyes that we do not need, and the metal housing will also provide adequate protection. < / strong> Thanks to this, we will not have to worry that the freshly purchased equipment will be damaged during the first trip. Why else is it worth to bet on this model?

Fast chamber heating and discretion

Fenix ??Mini can provide us with the clouds we want after just twenty seconds. This is an impressive result, especially for a device of this size! The heating temperature can also be set with an accuracy of one degree Celsius in the range of 160-221. The battery charging itself takes approximately 90 minutes. All this gives us an image of an extremely convenient device to use. If you add the option of charging with a powerbank, we get a really comfortable solution for little money. The Fenix ??mini portable vaporizer can accompany us everywhere - on the way to work, during a walk or evening relaxation with Netflix. It is perfect for both outdoor and home use. Its dimensions are really very compact and the finishing precision is extremely high. A fully charged battery is enough for a maximum of 50 minutes of satisfying inhalation. This is about 5-7 sessions with an impressive pair that no one in their right mind would expect from such a tiny device as the Fenix ??mini portable Vaporizer.

It is universal and efficient

This equipment will meet almost every expectation. We can vaporize it mainly dry, including the one containing CBD, various waxes, and concentrates. The inhalation of the latter is possible thanks to a special insert attached to the set. way with three buttons When it comes to cleaning, it is enough to gently refresh the chamber once every few weeks, using the set included in the package Fenix ??mini portable Vaporizer is based on an extremely effective, conduction-convection heating system, also known as a hybrid system. this heating is more efficient and takes everything out best of all, even with very small amounts of herbs. The capacity of the heating chamber of the Fenix ??Mini model, when it comes to herbs, is about 0.1 - 0.15 g. Thanks to this, our sessions can be more effective and satisfying, while saving material.

Small, fast and concrete.

This model is extremely discreet and easy to use, and surprisingly efficient. Fenix ??mini portable Vaporizer will be an excellent option if you are looking for a device that will be low-absorbing for you and will allow you to fully enjoy your favorite herbs. It will also be perfect as our first ever vaporizer or a gift for someone who would like to dig deeper into the subject. Above all, however, it is a sensational proposition in its price range. For less than PLN 300 we can get equipment that will provide us with a really great experience in less than half a minute in the form of thick and extremely specific in terms of taste and aroma of clouds.

< h3> Fenix ??Mini Vaporizer - advantages:
    < li> high quality pair;
  • efficient convection-conduction heating system;
  • pocket sizes = very discreet;
  • full temperature control;
  • fast heat up;
  • excellent value for money.

< Our store offers Fenix ??mini at the best price on the market.

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