Vaporizer Boundless CFV V2 Black

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Boundless CFV V2 Vaporizer

Boundless CFV vaporizer, it is the first 100% convection vaporizer, successor of the CFX and CF models. Boundless CFV is a medium-sized vaporizer that can fit in your hand . Convection heating (warm air) guarantees the perfect taste of the heated herbs, along with unprecedented savings. A high-power heater ensures instant (about 30-40 seconds) heating and even heating of herbs. Boundless CFV has a built-in LED display, where we can find information about the battery status, set operating temperature (up to 230 degrees Celsius), and battery charge status. The design of the device, by isolating the heating chamber and the steam flow path , guarantees pure taste and no impurities that could pass from the electronics to the steam.

Top quality product

Boundless CFV saw the light of day at the end of 2016, during which time it managed to gain the recognition of both reviewers and users. The design of the CFV follows the same convention as the previous Boundless models. The vaporizer is closed in a neat, plastic The heating chamber of the device is located in its upper part, the mouthpiece is movable and detachable. During use, the mouthpiece can be freely rotated so that it is freely drawn from it. The device is made of the highest quality components, which in combination with the isolated path of steam flow from the inside of the device guarantees that the steam generated by CFV is free from contamination and safe for health.

Hot air heating

< p class = "western" lang = "fr-fr" style = "text-align: justify;" xml: lang = "fr-fr"> Boundless CFV vaporizer uses fully convective heating of herbs, which means that the herbs in the heating chamber are heated only with hot air. The heater is completely isolated from the chamber into which herbs are inserted, which means that the herbs are heated only when we are inhaling. This translates into great efficiency and material savings . The herbs are not heated between inhalations , so we can turn the device off at any time and return to the session later. Temperature control is possible with an accuracy of 1 degree Celsius in the range from 60 to 230 degrees Celsius. A wide range of temperature controls allows you to load any herb into the Boundless CFV chamber. Its heating chamber has been reduced compared to previous models, now it holds only about 0.1 g of herbs.
This is enough for about 7-8 decent puffs, which will satisfy the needs of even more experienced vaping enthusiasts .

Refined flavor and thick clouds

The amount of vapor produced by this vaporizer is one of the strongest points of this device. It can successfully compete with steam produced by much more expensive devices. The steam produced is clean and dense, which translates into its intense flavor . Thanks to the long mouthpiece, it is at the same time comfortably cool and not biting in the throat . Thanks to the modern method of heating dry herbs, the steam does not choke the chest. Taste, and the quantity and quality of the steam produced can be further diversified by replacing the heating chambers with other ones included in the set.

Small battery

The battery of the Boundless CFV vaporizer is small, because it only allows for about 40 minutes of continuous vaporization . It is neither the best nor the worst result. The advantage of the device is that thanks to the convection method of heating, sessions are shorter and more effective than in the case of conduction vaporizers. The device's small battery should last for about 7-8 sessions for two. Charging the vaporizer takes approx. 2 hours. Thanks to the popular Micro-USB port, you can charge it on the beach, on the go with a powerbank.

Advantages of Boundless CFV Vaporizer:

    < li class = "western" lang = "fr-fr" xml: lang = "fr-fr"> convection heating of herbs,
  • amazing efficiency and quality of the steam produced,
  • temperature control from 60 to 230 degrees Celsius,
  • Included

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